Net Awards

I've been short listed in the Young Developer of the Year category of the Net Awards 2015.


I actively maintain many PHP repositories, and have contributed to hundreds of other repositories. My most recent product launch was StyleCI, an open source, and free hosted service, and according to, I am the 2nd most active GitHub user as of July 23rd 2015. You may want to download my CV.

Laravel Framework

I have been contributing to the Laravel Framework for just over a year and am the second highest contributor, Taylor Otwell being the first. On 24th September 2014, Taylor made me part of the official Laravel organisation on GitHub. My contributions include adding new features, fixing bugs, and reviewing other people’s pull requests and issues. Laravel is an enormously popular PHP framework, with 4.6 million downloads through Composer so far.



I am the creator and project leader of StyleCI, the PHP coding style continuous integration service. StyleCI is powered by PHP CS Fixer, and is totally configurable via an optional .php_cs file, committed to each repo analysed. I am also an active contributor to PHP CS Fixer and my most noted contribution is the addition of loads of docblock fixers in StyleCI also provides some stand alone packages that can be used outside the system, and is available as a free hosted service at An enormous thank you to Joe Cohen who has been totally awesome and has helped me out with so much stuff.



I am a contributor to Cachet, and open source status page system written in PHP. James Books is project lead, and Joe Cohen is also a large contributor.


The League of Extraordinary Packages

I am co-maintainer of Factory Muffin (previously named Factory Muff) alongside Scott Robertson, and have spent a lot of time writing documentation as well as rewriting/restructuring the code twice for 2.0 and 3.0 releases (3.0 is unreleased at the time of writing). The goal of this package is to enable the rapid creation of objects for the purpose of testing. I am not an official maintainer of Flysystem, however my contributions to that project are significant, and include many bug fixes, and improvements.


Class Preloader

I have taken over from Michael Dowling (the creator of Guzzle) as project lead, and we are approaching the 4 million downloads mark. My initial contributions to this repo include a code cleanup, upgrading to the new PHP Parser library, and adding a test suite. I continue to fix bugs and make improvements to this library. Class Preloader optimizes class loading performance by generating a single PHP file containing all of the autoloaded files, and is also shipped with the Laravel core.


Bootstrap CMS

I am creator and project leader of Bootstrap CMS. Bootstrap CMS is a PHP CMS powered by Laravel 5 and Sentry. It utilises many of my packages including Laravel Core, Laravel Credentials, and Laravel Auto Presenter. Bootstrap CMS also provides some stand alone packages that can be used outside the system.


Laravel Auto Presenter

I co-maintain “Laravel Auto Presenter” with Shawn McCool. This package automatically decorates objects bound to views during the view render process.


Other Laravel Packages

I currently maintain 15 other Laravel packages by myself, and the combined number of downloads of these packages is more than 300,000. All my packages follow PSR-2 and PSR-4, following semantic versioning, and are available on Packagist for download through Composer. Most of my packages have complete test suites and are well documented. A lot of my code is generic and I try to keep code coupled to Laravel within the service providers where possible. My packagist profile is available here: