Hi, I'm Graham

I'm a Computer Science and Mathematics student


StyleCI & Cachet

I am the creator of StyleCI, a code style fixing continuous integration service for all things web! I am also a member of the Cachet core team, a free open source status page for everyone.

PHP & Laravel Packages

As well as being a member of the Laravel framework organization, I also maintain various other PHP & Laravel packages on GitHub under the organizations GrahamCampbell, vlucas, thephpleague, php-build, CachetHQ, StyleCI, ClassPreloader, laravel-auto-presenter, AltThree, and BitbucketAPI. Packages under the graham-campbell namespace alone have had over 8 million downloads in total, and my co-maintained vlucas/phpdotenv package has had over 70 million downloads so far!

Academic Software

I maintain various GP 2 related pieces of software on GitLab as part of the YorkCS organization. The official implementation of GP 2 can be found on the York PLASMA group’s GitHub UoYCS-plasma.